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We believe that mastering your challenges is not an end in itself, but the starting point for our tailor-made solutions. Our expertise begins where others’ ends. We take a rigorous, multi-disciplinary approach to your employment law case, covering every angle.

Our method? Anticipating social risks and risks involving trade unions in order to prevent legal risks within large companies and employer organisations. Your success is our top priority. We achieve this through our experience, but above all through our unique vision, which makes all the difference.

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A political vision

Our expertise in dealing with public authorities enables us to interact with administrations, whether political or judicial, to help you tackle multi-dimensional issues. Our in-depth knowledge of institutions ensures that you can seamlessly operate within both the public sphere and the private business world.

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A strategic vision

As an independent firm, we have complete freedom of thought to develop tailor-made strategies and guidance to protect the interests of large companies and employer organisations, while safeguarding their social policies.

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A social vision

Our vision of social issues is comprehensive, being based on a perfect understanding of human relations and the realities of trade unions, giving us the ability to grasp and resolve all the complex dynamics specific to the business world.

Translating the law

Understanding public affairs

Building your social strategy

Our expertise combines law, policy, and strategy. This approach is essential to the implementation of pragmatic and effective recommendations.

Whether your request deals with labour law, social security law, criminal labour law or internal security law, or with the management of litigation or the strategies of professional organisations, we always find the appropriate solution. Our extensive network and the legal expertise and creativity of our lawyers guarantee anticipation, defence, and protection.


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Hack Lab

Hakiki Associés' expertise in employment law is revolutionising training for decision-makers. We provide tailor-made assistance, coaching sessions, and master classes, both online and in person. Our aim: to provide our partners with the skills they need to effectively manage the social challenges within their organisations, in order to optimise their social policies.

R&D Focus

The firm deciphers and tackles new developments in employment law. On a daily basis, our team explores emerging areas of the legal market in order to prepare large companies and employer organisations as effectively as possible to embrace current innovations which will become tomorrow's standards. We work hand in hand with our clients to make the daily flow of legal information intelligible by providing them with all necessary reading keys.

Protecting individual talent to boost collective performance

We encourage every member of our team to constantly broaden their legal horizons in order to provide clients with innovative solutions through a creative approach of legal issues. With a thorough grasp of the law, intellectual freedom and unique working methods, our lawyers foster continuous performance and nurture a creativity rooted in reality.

We take the time to reflect. Taking a step sideways always offers a new perspective. We're convinced, based on our experience, that movement is what makes progress. A small step sideways often leads to major innovation, which is what our clients are looking for.

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Become an outstanding employment lawyer

At Hakiki Associés, our associates carry out their legal work to the full. We respect the freedom and independence of each individual, while providing excellent training. We combine the knowledge of the most experienced lawyers with the creativity of young talent.

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